Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

Nigel's 12 Xmas Wishes

Here are my 12 Xmas Wishes for the designers of phone menus -perhaps they can become new year resolutions for them all....

#12 Don't advertise to me on phone menus when all I want to do is talk to someone !

#11 Consider the hard of hearing - always have an standard option to repeat the menu on every level

#10 Please tell me how long I might have to wait in a queue - then I can make an informed choice

# 9  Do not lead me through lots of menus options to a dead end with some information and assume I am happy with that !

# 8 Don't tell me to go to the website when I obviously want to talk to someone

# 7 If I have to queue, please tell me the current position in the queue

# 6 If your office is closed, tell me straight away not after I have navigated 6 levels of menus !

# 5 Don't say 'your call is important to us' and then keep me on hold for ages

# 4 Think about me, the customer, when you design your phone menus

# 3 Don't have more than 3 or 4 options per menu level - my brain can only take so much!

# 2 If you need a phone menu, keep them short and simple, 3 levels max

# 1 Ideally, let me speak to human, not a machine!


Which of these factors is the most important to you? Comment below and let me know.


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