Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

12 codes of Christmas - the Crackers and the Turkeys

The Twelve Codes of Christmas: Don't spend the holiday on hold

Nigel has compiled his twelve codes of Christmas; selected for being the helplines Nigel forecasts will be among the busiest this Yuletide, from the big supermarkets and retailers to the home entertainment giants.

Commenting on his Christmas list, Nigel Clarke, founder of PleasePress1, said: "This is a busy and stressful time of the year so a parcel that hasn't arrived on time or set-top box on the blink is enough to drive you crackers at Christmas; we can't have that when it is the season to be jolly so I have therefore pulled together this list to avoid anyone having to spend Christmas on hold.

"A number of retailers have very small phone menus or the perfect phone system, when your call is answered immediately by a human being, these companies I have called my 'Christmas Crackers'.

But then there are the 'turkeys', those that are stuffed with far too many options and menus, they really make a meal of it getting through - the 'parsons nose' of bad customer service and menu design and not helpful when you need an immediate answer. "

Thanks to for picking up the story for the industry and adding their graphics along with my views and comments below.

Christmas Crackers Christmas Turkeys


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