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Serving the nation - A new Channel 4 Documentary Series

Do you have a complaint about service you have recently received? Maybe you are involved in an ongoing dispute with a company, or have called in the Ombudsman to help with a situation that is just not acceptable?

There is a great new programme coming to Channel 4 soon which PleasePress1 is involved with, and it needs your help! Whether it's a complaint to your local corner shop or a huge multinational corporation, Dragonfly TV (producer of 'One Born Every Minute' and 'The Family') want to hear from you.

Are you a serial complainer who is always taking companies to task? Maybe it's just a one off situation that's really caused you problems. Maybe you live with someone who loves to complain? Do you wish they'd stop, or are you proud that they stand up for their rights?

Channel 4 want to tell your stories about the Customer Service Industry in the UK. This is a great chance for all those corporates to hear all about your complaints and how they are really dealt with. Take the opportunity to get your voice heard! Please contact, or tweet them on @ukcomplainers.

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