Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

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The Visitors and Supporters of Please Press 1 have given me and the site some great feedback

"Give this man a knighthood" - Jess, London. Source: Mailonline

"A great and very useful site..I used your information this week, so I know it works..Keep up the good work." - Toni, UK. Source:Facebook.

"Fantastic Site..Saved me hours." - Simon, Glamorgan. Source:Facebook.

"Very Very helpful. I spent a very frustrated time this morning trying to get through to a person with no luck. Gave up. Just saw your article on the Daily Mail website and within a couple of minutes I had spoken to a real person and got the info I needed."- Tracey, Location:Witheld. Source:Facebook.

"Where have you been all my life. A great idea and thanks for doing all the hard work. You are now my search engine for all customer services before I ring them.Fantastic."- Ian, UK. Source:Facebook.

"Great idea! I hate being on hold to people. The website looks great and easy to understand..... great job and hope it goes well."- Name Witheld. Source: Telegraph

"This is amazing what you have done..As a hard of hearing person with 2 hearing aids, I struggle to get through to so many companies on the phone..This is not a new problem, it's an issue that I find I have on a weekly basis. You have saved me so many hours and potential costs for mobile phone damage! Thank you so much." Racheal, UK. Source:Facebook

"Something useful for once... Bane of people's lives these automated calls."- Lurch, Mallorca. Source: Mailonline


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