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Advertise To Your Customers

Please Press 1 receives thousands of visits every month  from customers of major companies listed on the site.  A unique feature of the site in that most visitors to your company and phone menu pages on the site are highly likely to be your customers especially if they are looking for a customer service phone numbers. Other visitors may well be potential customers looking to buy from you.  

Either way, this is a great opportunity, without the use of cookies, to target your customers with useful information adverts, ads promoting your on-line services or other self service channels.  Naturally you could also be promoting new products or services you would like them to be aware of.  

There are a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities on the site; including MPU's, Skyscrapers and Banners, with packages to suit a variety of budgets.

All advertising requests will be reviewed against our selection criteria to ensure they are appropriate and align to the ethos of PleasePress1. To speak to us about advertising on the site, please contact us in the first instance, and one of our team will be in touch shortly.


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