Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

Our Mission

All we want is for companies to change the way they treat their customers who try to contact them by phone - especially when it comes to their phone menu systems and the appalling way they are often designed.

We know it is a big task. However it is one, with support of the web community of frustrated customers given a voice, that I believe can be achieved.

As customers, our messages to companies are simple

Show you care - provide or verify your phone menu system on Please Press 1

Make it easy - for me to contact you - think about your me, your customer, when you design or redesign your phone menu systems

Ok, we appreciate that companies may not always be able to redesign their menu system overnight and if they do they should look at best practices.

Easy steps for Companies

However Companies can very easily provide or verify the phone menus we have for them - easily, quickly and at no cost to them.

This will be the first step to showing they care about their customers.

a) that they want to make it easier and quicker to get through the phone menus.
b) that they want their customers to spend less time and money on a phone call.

The great thing is that companies benefit as well

- their customers will be less frustrated and in a better mood by the time they talk to someone as they have got to them quicker and easier
- that hopefully makes the call easier, the customer happier and more likely to stay with the company

We know from feedback from our survey that customers frustration with automated phone systems is such that many (75%) would consider leaving the company they are trying to call and will take their business elsewhere.

Credit and Recognition

If Companies do show they care, we will happily flag them on Please Press 1 and

- recognise them as providing "officially verified" phone menus
- appreciate that they let us know when and if they their menus change or if necessary get redesigned and improved.

Companies have the chance to keep their customers with some very simple actions.

We thank the visitors and users of our site in advance for your input and support. Please take our survey and support our mission.

We openly invite companies to contact us to "Show they care"…. And make it easy.


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