Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

Here's how to use Please Press 1

Search our Database using the Search bar -  here you can use any combination of the company, service or phone number you require

In the search results, you will be able to see phone numbers and phone menus that we have. These will be displayed in the search dropdown list if they match or you can select 'Go' or 'More' to see all options available.

If the option is available, select the phone menu you require.  If not, you can request the service and we'll see if we can provide it for your next visit.

You can view the phone menu and expand or collapse options where you see the down or up arrows.  Once you have found the service you want, you can 'Select' the option so you can view only the menu options you need for the call.

Dial the number, look out for any additional warning about Introduction messages (see below) and as each list of menu options start, Press Ahead to save time and money on your call ! 

Here's how to 'Press Ahead'



Look for our warning messages in pink - there may be an introduction message that you must listen to, during which you cannot press ahead.

Our Information Icon will show you if important details are required during the call


Other Useful Features

Star Ratings (5 = Best, 1 = Worst)

Our star rating is based on our initial review of the phone menu.  We will be expanding the method of rating the services in due course but meanwhile we rate them based on the overall number of menus and options available.

5 Stars are given for really good example of a simple customer friendly menu system or for phone numbers which do not have menus.

4 Stars are awarded for a good menu design, keeping the number of options and levels low.

3 Stars are average menus which fall short on design best practice or because the menu includes Voice Recognition and/or Account Numbers (or similar inputs)

2 Stars are given to badly designed menus which give little thought to the customer and have too many levels and menus

1 Star is our lowest rating given to phone menus which create a very poor customer experience with far too many options and levels.

Options to Repeat or Go Back are not included in the count of menus options.

Star ratings may not always reflect recent menu changes. If you find one that doesn't, or that you disagree with please let us know.

Available Online   

Having viewed the menus you might decide not to call.  Look to see if the service you have searched for is "Available On-line" and just click on the link to take you straight there. So there may be no need to make a call at all.

Voice Recognition

Our survey research showed us that most people are not fans of voice recognition technology (where you speak the options you need). This is often used in automated phone menus, and can easily double the frustration factor. So that you never get a nasty surprise, we will warn you in advance if the call uses voice recognition.

Time Saved

This tool will show you an approximation of the time that you can expect to save on your call by using Please Press 1 to Press Ahead. On average, this is usually about 1-2 minutes per call, which adds up to some great savings on numbers you call often.


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