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Customers Opinions of IVR

A great presentation was given by Interactions at SpeechTEK 2012 giving some great insights into “Customer Opinions of IVR”

Speek Tek 2012The results of their academic study on what customers really think of IVR's ("IVR" = Interactive Voice Response; otherwise known as Automated Phone Menu Systems. These are commonly used by large companies across the world). hit many chords with us and our own findings.  The survey highlighted how IVR's were seen as very negative in the eyes of the consumer with only 1% saying IVR's benefit both the Company and the Customer. Half of those surveyed thought these automated menu systems did not benefit either party and they also confirmed a long standing customer perception with 34% saying they were simply there to save the companies money! 

Their view that people were force fed these systems was spot on and we loved their view that companies should turn IVR's into something people 'want to use' rather than 'have to use'.  These guys are looking towards voice as the solution and from their presentation, their product looks impressive but we and they know they have to overcome the bad press that voice recognition receives from consumers.  Take a look at their presentation

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