Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

Phoning Call Centres - Our Customer Experience Survey

Initial results of our latest survey are starting to come through. The focus for this survey is the initial experiences of calling a customer service / contact centre of major companies or organisations

SurveylogoIt covers the first two stages of the call - before you even get to talk to anyone!

Stage 1 is when you hit the "Welcome to…., you call may be recorded…Please press 1 for…" and have to navigate through the automated menu system. 

Stage 2 covers perceptions and views on telephone queues and voice recognition..

We are also assessing the popularity of the various methods of contacting customer service centres whether by phone, email, letter etc. Initial results confirm that actually speaking to someone is still the preferred route although email and on line web services are also popular. 

There are naturally some significant differences in demographics with the use of mobiles and social media being more actively used in the under 30 age group not surprisingly. We are posting some of the feedback comments on the site and more news and results of the survey will follow soon.

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