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TV Licensing Enquiries

0300 790 6131

The details of the services and contact details we hold are listed below... Select the Service and View available Phone Menu details. You may also click to the Company Website and Contact Us pages, See/Add Facebook feedback comments. Please Report an Error if you find one and Rate the Service. We value your feedback. Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 8:30 to 18:30, Saturday - 8:30 to 13:00 Sunday and Bank Holidays - closed. You won't find the contact number for TV licensing easily on the website. Their Contact Us page only provides email enquiry forms for you to fill in. We have found the contact details for them by phone, post and Minicom, and have provided the link to this information below

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WARNING - WAIT FOR THE INTRO: We found an introduction message that is about 30 seconds long which you must listen to and cannot Press Ahead until you hear the menu options start. Always wait for the options to start for each menu then press the option.
We have rated this a 2 Star menu design as it gives little thought to the customer with a total of 56 options and 6 levels. Below is the phone menu you will hear when you call. Simply click on the options you require to see the next level menu.
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WARNING: Unless stated above, listen to each Introduction. PAUSE & WAIT for each menu to start before you PRESS AHEAD selecting the next menu option.
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