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Monarch UK Call Centre Scheduled Flights (Starting With ZB)

0333 003 0700

The details of the service you require are listed below... View available Phone Menu details, Click to the Company Website and Contact Us pages below, See/Add Facebook feedback comments, Report an Error or Rate the Service 2nd Oct 2017 MONARCH AIRLINES HAS CEASED TRADING. YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE CAA (CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY) The CAA call centre for Monarch, phone menu and messages you will hear are detailed here Phoning from overseas: +44 1753 330 330

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WARNING - WAIT FOR THE INTRO: We found an introduction message that is about 14 seconds long which you must listen to and cannot Press Ahead until you hear the menu options start. Always wait for the options to start for each menu then press the option. Helpful Hint - You cannot skip through the options, once option 4 has finished you will hear a beep it's then you can press the option you want. 2nd Oct 2017 THIS NUMBER IS STILL ACTIVE AND HAD A PHONE MENU WHICH WE GOT THROUGH TO HOLD MUSIC -WE WAITED A WHILE BUT THERE WAS NO ANSWER - SEE INFORMATION ABOVE INSTEAD FOR CONTACT DETAILS.
We have given this service our top 5 Star rating for a really good example of a simple customer friendly menu system. Total Menu Options:9 Menu Levels:2
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WARNING: Unless stated above, listen to each Introduction. PAUSE & WAIT for each menu to start before you PRESS AHEAD selecting the next menu option.
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