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HMRC National Insurance Enquiries for Employees and Individuals (0845)

0845 302 1479

Crackly on hold muzack, voice recognition that doesn’t understand accents, and 30+ minutes queuing time… These are just some of the complaints we receive regularly about HMRC’s phone service. How did your call go? let us know

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WARNING - WAIT FOR THE INTRO: We found an introduction message that is about 7 seconds long which you must listen to and cannot Press Ahead until you hear the menu options start. Always wait for the options to start for each menu. WARNING - THERE IS A CHEAPER 0300 NUMBER AVAILABLE FOR THIS SERVICE HERE.
This service has been given a 4 Star rating for a good menu design, keeping the number of options (20) and levels (3) low.
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WARNING: Unless stated above, listen to each Introduction. PAUSE & WAIT for each menu to start before you PRESS AHEAD selecting the next menu option.
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